Welcome to Shihan Roman Karate

In accordance with the philosophy and principles established by the founder of Kyokushin Karate. 

Our team of dedicated Sensei’s have over 35 years experience and would welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the principles of Kyokushin Karate.

Shihan Roman and his team, has experience of practicing and teaching Kyokushin Karate around the world.
In our classes everyone is equal and we train with each other with respect and discipline to make sure everyone gets the benefits they are looking for.

Our Programs


Through reinforcement of positive thinking, your child will gain mental and emotional strength and a strong, healthy body.


Our teens (15 years and older) and adults classes help you to reinforce things like positive thinking, positive attitude, and camaraderie.

Kyokushin Kata

A kata is a sequence of blocks, kicks and punches from one or more stances, involving movement forward, backward and to the sides.


Tameshiwari is the art of using parts of the body, such as hand, elbow, head or foot to break wood, tile, bricks, stone, ice, baseball bats …

Cours privé

Private lessons are available with Shihan Paul Bourgouin and Sensei Marc Pronovost in Laval and Shihan Roman Szyrajew in Pointe-Claire.

Cardio Kick

Cardio Kick is a class that will improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles and shred your abs if you practice consistently with power and precision.


We are part of the International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kaikan – I.K.O. Matsushima Group, an active succession of the way of Budo Karate, along with the legacy of the founder Masutatsu Oyama.


Give yourself the gift of a lifetime with the best physical condition, mental clarity, stress reduction and essential skills.